Swap wIXI (wrapped IxiCash)

Wrapped IxiCash (symbol WIXI) is an Ethereum ERC20-compatible token backed by IxiCash.
One WIXI token is equivalent to exactly one IXI.

WIXI Token Contract: 0x179cd91631d96e8fafee6a744eac6ffdbb923520

WIXI Guide: View on Medium

To use IxiCash bridge, you'll need to provide
- your IxiCash address (used to send and receive IXI)
- your Ethereum address (used to send and receive WIXI and send Ethereum transaction fees)
First time you use the IxiCash bridge with a new IxiCash and Ethereum address, you'll be asked to verify your identity. Make sure you use the same addresses when performing swaps on the bridge in the future.


Do not send IXI, wIXI or ETH to the bridge addresses without having verified your identity.

Do not send other coins or tokens to the bridge addresses. Doing so will result in loss of funds!

Do not send funds directly from exchange wallets. Doing so will result in loss of funds! Always use your private ETH wallet and private IXI wallet.

Usage Fees
- 1.0% usage fee that is applied to wrapping operations (IXI -> WIXI)
- 0.1% usage fee that is applied to unwrapping operations (WIXI -> IXI).
By using the IxiCash Bridge you agree to these terms.
Not sure how to use the IxiCash Bridge or Wrapped IxiCash? Read the WIXI Guide